Add A Disk to the Catalogue

To open the Add window press the first toolbar button or use the "Catalogue a new disk" option in the "Disk" menu. Press the browse button and select a drive or directory to be catalogued. Then you have two options: You can type a new name for the disk in the catalogue or you can overwrite a previously catalogued disk. Caution: There is no warning if you are going to overwrite a previously stored disk. There is a warning if you type a new name in that is the same as a previously stored one. Finally, you can choose to put this new disk into a catalogue within EZ Cat. The drop down list in the bottom left of the window will display all the catalogues currently in EZ Cat 2. If you do not wish to put the disk in any catalogue, you can leave the selection on "<no catalogue>". Now press the "Catalogue" button, the program will take a catalogue of the disk and return you to the main screen.

Updating A Disk

When you select a disk in the list of disks already stored the program automatically selects the option to update a disk and fills in the path to the disk for you. Even better, right click on the disk you want to update and choose "Update disk". (This is also available on the "Disk" menu). EZ Cat will open the "Add a disk" window and fill in all the details you need. All you have to do is press "Catalogue".