To enter the options screen click the fourth button on the toolbar or choose "options" from the tools menu.


Catalogue hidden / system files

Tells EZ Cat whether to include hidden and / or system files in the catalogued information.

Default to cataloguing folder tree only

Check this if you usually catalogue only the folders. This just saves a click in the Add a disk screen.


Default location to catalogue: If you usually catalogue your CDROM Drive which is drive D: for example, put drive D: in this box. When you go to catalogue a disk drive D: will already be selected, although it can be changed when you go to the Add Disk screen.

Location of desktop: (Default: c:\windows\desktop) This is used when you select "Copy to desktop" from the File menu. You will probably want to change this to something like c:\documents and settings\username\desktop if you use Windows XP for instance.

Default location for catalogued information: This path is where EZ Cat will expect to find its database. Press clear to blank the box and go back to the application folder path default.

File filtering

By putting a file extension into the box you can instruct EZ Cat never to catalogue that type of file. Type one per line and don't include the dots.