Searching The Catalogue

To open the search window press the third toolbar button or use the "Search" option in the "Tools" menu.

To search for a file, you have eight options:

  1. You can search by whole filename. Enter only the whole filename, eg "readme.txt".
  2. You can search by file extension. Enter only the whole file extension, excluding the "."
  3. You can search by start of filename.
  4. You can search by part of the name. If you are looking for a file that might be called "readme.txt", entering for example "read", "me" "dm" will find the file whereas "txt" or "readme.txt" will not.
  5. You can list every file in the catalogue over every disk. This ignores the search text. I strongly recommend never using this because of the time it takes Windows (not EZ Cat) to get rid of the list box when you have finished with it. EZ Cat will appear to freeze while this is happening. However, it was a feature requested....
  6. You can search for text in file comments.
  7. You can search within folder names.
  8. You can search within disk names.

Searches are not case-sensitive.

Make your search type selection, type in your keyword into the box, and click "Search". After searching the database, the program will display all the matching files or directories, their disks, paths and sizes in the box underneath. Then click close to close the search box, or you can double click a file in the results box, this will close the search window and take you to the location of the file in the main window. (This is not possible when you have chosen "list everything" as your search type).

If you want a hard-copy of your search results, press the "Print results" button to print them out.