VOMP For Hauppauge MVP
VOMP For Hauppauge MVP

The original version of VOMP, for Hauppauge MVP network media players.



VOMP for MVP: End-of-life

The MVP is ancient now and significantly complicates writing and releasing VOMP. Therefore, version 0.5.2 is most likely the last release to support it. If you're still using it, do your eyeballs a favour and upgrade to HD with a Raspberry Pi ;)

The plan is to keep a 0.5.x maintenance source code branch just-in-case, but future versions of VOMP (0.6.0 and above) will not have any MVP code (and will also drop support for older VDR versions).

Installation Notes

The MVP dongle file is a firmware image file which is loaded by the MVP. It contains everything required by the MVP to run VOMP. On boot, the MVP uses DHCP/Bootp to acquire an IP address and the location of the firmware image. It then uses TFTP to download the image. You can use standard DHCP & TFTP servers - or - the vompserver VDR plugin can provide them.

Vompserver Bootp/TFTP:

In the vompserver plugin directory you will find the file vomp.conf.sample. Copy it to vomp.conf in your VDR config/plugins/vompserver directory. The location of this will depend on your VDR installation. Then edit your new vomp.conf file... Enable the Bootp and TFTP servers by uncommenting the correct lines and then insert a name of a directory to use as a share directory for the TFTP server. (You will see how to do that in the file). Make sure that directory exists and download the vomp-dongle-0.5.2 file to it.

In the same way copy vomp-00-00-00-00-00-00.conf.sample to vomp-00-00-00-00-00-00.conf in the plugins/config/vompserver directory. Change the zeros in the name to the MAC address of your MVP (with hex A-F in capital letters). Edit the file and enter just the name of the dongle file (e.g. vomp-dongle-0.5.2). Restart VDR and see if it works...

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